Fast, secure digital gun processing.

100% ATF compliance guarantee.

E4473 is the first 360° digital solution for firearm transactions.

Reduce employee errors, cut down on manual entry, & give your employees confidence.

No wait times, accessible on any device, & intuitive form fields.

Faster audits and increased legibility, plus easy and organized information retrieval.

"WOW! Easy, fast, and accurate! A huge time saver for our team and the customers love it! They are using their cellphones to login and complete the form in minutes."

Accessible on mobile or kiosk

Offer your customers options. E4473 offers the flexibility to complete forms on their phone or on any in-store device.

Complete 360° digital firearm processing experience.

E4473 digital process puts an end to manual work for you and customers, reduces liability and eliminates inaccuracies.

Reliable compliance and security

Automatic verification of customer data, alerts for improper answers, and 100% ATF compliance guaranteed.

The safest way to sell firearms.


Secure, fast firearm transactions. Schedule a FREE live demo and see E4473 in action.

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