Digital Firearm Verification

Accept 4473s Faster, Safer, and Error-Free

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Built for firearm retailers large and small


E4473 has been developed with any size business in mind. Whether you're a pawn shop, small gun shop, e-commerce firearm store, or large retailer we have a solution for your business.

360° Digital Experience

E4473 offers an end-to-end digital verification process. With E4473 there’s no need to print and wet sign forms. No faxing, scanning, or mailing required. Never print and file another 4473 again. Everything in one simple place.

Bulletproof Security

Data privacy is a top priority - always. E4473 offers a five-tier data security protocol and 24/7 monitoring for vital attacks. We throw a virtual bulletproof vest on your data and lock it up tight.

ATF Compliant

We play ball by the book. Our legal team stays ahead of the curve so you can sell firearms worry-free. E4473 ensures our process is always ATF compliant.

NICS Submissions

Easy entry NICS submissions takes the work out of writing out all of your background check forms. All included out of the box with E4473.


Discover E4473 current and future integrations to run your firearm business.

Additional API Integrations

Coming Spring 2021

Have peace of mind, keep your customer data secure 24/7

  • Secure sign-in keeps threats at the front gates. You must be a verified user in order to sign in. Our first line of defense against unwanted attention.
  • Dual factor authentication is a widespread industry standard and requirement for E4473.
  • Consumer privacy protection is always at front of mind. We monitor suspicious activity around the clock and keep private data under strict lock and key.

Rest assured you’re always compliant with regulations

  • 100% ATF Compliant guarantee. E4473 keeps a close eye on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive's latest releases, regulations, and requirements.
  • Verification and validation of every form field on every application. The E4473 system is built with cutting edge identity validation technology to ensure forms are error-free and complete.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to review the 4473 application prior to printing and processing ensuring the quality of each transaction.

"They have taken it 10 steps further with E4473, adding next-level feel to the customer experience, limiting employee errors, and reducing somewhat our mounds of government paperwork."

Empower employees to make decisions with confidence

  • Each section of our application offers questions displayed with definitions and exceptions.
  • E4473 offers exclusive access to 24/7 online video training, FAQs, and support information. So your employees can always find the answers they're looking for.

Streamline operations through a single integrated platform

  • The E4473 application is built for mobile from the ground up and is optimized for every platform.
  • Streamline in-store process launching E4473 on your retail kiosks for awesome customer experience.
  • Point of sale integration allows full control all in one place.
  • E4473 is compatible with every major operating system with an internet connection.
  • Multi-user capability means you, your team, and your customers can be using E4473 all the same time without errors or timeouts.
  • Off-site access means you can use E4473 from anywhere anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.

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The safest way to sell firearms.


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