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How it works

YES, we offer a 14-day free trial. You may cancel any time before your trial is finished.

Currently, E4473 is partnered and integrates with The Bravo Platform. Additional POS integrations will be available in the near future.

Once the firearm is identified for sale or redemption, your employee will be prompted to either: 

  1. Send your customer a link via text to the E4473 form
  2. Print a QR code that can be scanned at any kiosk tablet or laptop

The customer can complete the E4473 on any device.

Yes, E4473 is smart. Improper YES or NO answers and incomplete answers will be flagged and your employee will be notified.

E4473 is priced based on tiered packages. Click here to see what package fits you best.

Yes, every tier of E4473 includes e-signature which can be captured on a mobile device or tablet using a finger or on the Topaz signature device.

Yes, you can upload documents to each firearm transaction record.

This is on the E4473 roadmap and will be completed in early 2021.


E4473 works on any operating system with an internet connection. This includes iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, or Mac.

Yes, you need an internet connection or cell phone signal.

E4473 is compatible with any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop with an internet connection and a browser.

Digital Storage

Yes, instead of printing out completed Form 4473s, the ATF now allows us to store those forms on digital servers. Click here to learn more about digital storage pricing.

Digital Storage includes the virtual memory bank of E4473 application forms for up to 20 years. We offer storage in compliance with the ATF and ensure the highest level of bullet proof security.

To electronically store all of your 4473’s, you need to request a variance from the ATF that addresses the minimum standards for digital storage (outlined here). Click here to learn more about a variance.

Digital Storage is priced by the number of E4473s your store processes annually. E4473 Digital Storage includes unlimited storage, digital attachments, and an ATF Management screen for traces and audits. Click here for pricing.

Variance & Compliance

Yes, E4473 is compliance guaranteed.

Yes, our team is ready to assist you in completing your variance.

Yes, each question has a help icon that includes the official ATF instructions.

Yes, E4473 is built to support the new ATF transaction requirements and the platform integrates with the  2020 form.

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Reach out to us by emailing us at and a member of our team will contact you.

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