At E4473 we put our customers first. We understand the serious responsibility that comes with each firearm sale.

E4473 is a solution that prevents errors and increases the security of each transaction, offering customers tools above industry standards. Our aim is to impact all communities by creating a safer way to buy and sell guns.

Our purpose is to advance firearms sellers of all sizes. E4473 is fueled by our experience with gun store owners and a passion for the firearms industry. We've reimagined the process of buying firearms, creating an incredible experience for you and your customers.

Each and every firearm sale must be taken seriously. We are a solution to help prevent errors and increase security offering customers tools above industry standards. As firearms salespeople and firearm consumers, we understand the right and responsibility of owning firearms. At E4473 we aim to impact the world by creating a safer way to buy and sell guns.

E4473 is an all-inclusive, 360° digital application built to guide both firearm retailers and consumers through a secure online verification process.

E4473 has changed the way we buy and sell firearms. We have combined United States gun laws and regulations with emerging technology to develop an application that streamlines the process while correcting errors for both businesses and firearm purchasers.

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