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Shop overrun with paperwork?

We know it’s a pain to find room for thousands of pieces of paper somewhere in your store—and even harder to keep them organized and 100% secure.

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What is E4473 Cloud Storage?

Save on paper and space with E4473 Cloud Storage, a digital solution for your 4473 forms. Access your paperwork from anywhere you want, 24/7/365.

All your 4473s in one place

Safely store your 4473 Forms and other required documents electronically. We’ll secure and encrypt all of your paperwork for 20 years in accordance with ATF regulations.

Running a firearm business doesn’t have to be stressful. With E4473 Cloud Storage, we’ll take all of those paper 4473 forms off your hands and store them in the cloud—making tracing and audits faster than ever before.

Once you’ve upgraded to E4473 Cloud Storage, our team will make sure you’re all set up, including access to 24/7 training resources, how to use self-audit mode, and more. Get ready to never worry about tracking down another 4473 form ever again.

Paperless Storage

  • Empty out that backroom filled with storage boxes and unsecured paperwork. With paperless storage, all of your documents are digitized and live in the cloud. We’ll store them for up to 20 years in accordance with ATF regulations.
  • Looking for something? It’ll only be a second. Cloud storage allows for easy, fast retrieval of 4473s and any other documents needed for traces and audits. Our secure, encrypted storage also keeps your paperwork safe from harm 24/7/365.

ATF Audit Portal

  • We’ve made audits easier for both you and the ATF with your very own ATF Audit Portal inside of E4473 Cloud Storage. This portal gives your IOI agent restricted access to easily perform on-site audits from a designated workstation.
  • The ATF only gets access to the parts of your Bravo System that they need to successfully complete the audit—nothing more.

Training Resources

  • Complete with “How To” videos and step-by-step guides, your staff will learn how to use E4473 Cloud Storage in no time. We make it easy to get your whole staff trained and ready to implement this new solution in your store.
  • Our guides include specific information on self-audit mode for your employees, as well as audit guides and videos for the ATF’s IOI agents.

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